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June 30, 2023

Care Corner: The MaxHealth Impact

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MaxHealth understands how stressful a hospital stay can be for our patients. Our Care Managers and clinic staff work diligently to coordinate the post discharge needs for our patients to assure they receive the right medications at the time of discharge.

Our Care Manager, Melanie, recently prevented a patient from taking the wrong medication that was prescribed at discharge. Melanie coordinated the transition in care needs with the patient and the Cardiologist to assure that the correct medication was listed on the discharge instructions. After speaking with the cardiologist, Melanie confirmed the patient was to be ordered a different medication than listed on the instructions.

Melanie was able to work with the family to make sure it was sent to the pharmacy and picked up by her late on a Friday. Director of Operations, Jessy, made sure to secure a local pharmacy had the medication in stock so the patient did not miss a dose.