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Dillon Moore

Chief Information Officer

Dillon serves as MaxHealth’s leader of technology.┬áHe has over 15 years of experience crafting data-driven analytical solutions to increase efficiencies for patients and provider organizations focused around primary care. Dillon is passionate about solving complex problems in healthcare that ultimately lead to better patient care and a smoother experience for MaxHealth’s doctors. Whether its delving into the numbers, solving sophisticated challenges for providers or writing computer code, Dillon’s main objective is to seamlessly provide the right information at the right time to the right people including patients, providers, and our crucial clinical staff.

Prior to serving as MaxHealth’s technology lead, Dillon served as the chief financial officer for the organization where he leveraged his years of medical economics and finance experience to help create a streamlined data-driven backbone that comprises the ever-evolving technology platform of the company. Dillon lives by a continuous improvement mindset with the ultimate goal of improving patient care and patients’ experience while they interact with our providers. He continues to lead numerous initiatives that have demonstrated fantastic improvements in the healthcare experience using data and medical intelligence-driven approaches.