82c8ed426e28de875137a6409ec6e88aThe core tenet of patient-centered care is that the patient controls his or her care, and this belief guides every MAXhealth principle of operation. We work tirelessly to assist our patients to gain the proper attitudes, knowledge, and skills necessary to take the lead in the discussions and decisions driving their care. This partnership benefits both our patients and our physicians by fostering an open and respectful environment where sustained healing and good health may occur.

Families and friends of our patients are considered an essential part of the care team. MAXhealth recognizes that family and friends are essential supports for the patient’s healing process. Loved one’s support patients not only emotionally, but also physically. In our VIP (Very Important Partner) Program, a trusted family member or friend identified by the patient can participate in the sharing of information and guidance we give before sending patients home or to the next level of care. This vital program helps ensure our patients have access to clear and understandable information, especially when they may be in pain or confused, so that they may make the best decisions for their own care once they move beyond our physician’s direct supervision.