Everyone at MAXhealth, from our housekeeping staff to our executive leadership team, is part of our patients’ care experience. Regardless of one’s role, each person is expected to put the patient at the front of their minds, and they learn from on their first day that all everyone in our organization are caregivers. This team approach is vital in achieving any level of a truly comprehensive healthcare.

teamworkAll caregivers cooperate with one another through a common focus on the best interests and personal goals of our patient. All processes at MAXhealth, even those that don’t involve patients, are performed from a “patient-value” perspective. For example, our billing process is designed from the perspective of the patient, so that it is clear and easy to understand for patients, not just our administrative teams.

Care is based on continuous supportive relationships. MAXhealth’s focus is on the continuum of care for patients rather than individual episodes of care, so our physicians not only assist our patients when it is immediately needed, but also provide their ongoing support as well. Our team can be reached 24 hours a day, seven days a week to assist you with medication questions, appointment scheduling, and transportation issues. Our patients also have peace of mind knowing that, in most situations, they will be seen by a MAXhealth physician who already knows their history and understands their unique needs, instead of having to see a new and unfamiliar doctor at an ordinary urgent care health clinic.