co-curricular-global-healthIf patients are going to be the center of care, they need to informed and part of all decision-making. Our free, online and onsite education programs cover a wide range of healthcare issues, such as diabetes care, as well as procedural expectations, such as appointment scheduling, that many patients find unclear and daunting. Also, at MAXhealth, all members of the care team — including the patient — are aware of the patient’s status and care plan. This communal exchange of information reduces confusion and stress for our patients and their loved ones, thus ensuring the best possible treatment outcomes.

Transparency is the rule in the care of our patients. This principle recognizes that true patient-centered care requires upfront and honest communication between physicians and patients. MAXhealth provides frank and open information so patients can make informed decisions with their physician. If there is ever any confusion regarding a treatment plan, we will make every effort to directly address each and every question a patients may ask so that they feel empowered to control their progress toward better health.