The Convenience of an Urgent Care Clinic in a Familiar Setting – PrimeCare of Manatee Offers Immediate Care Services to Patients throughout Florida

Urgent Care Manatee FL

An urgent care clinic may seem like the best place to go when you’re faced with an unexpected injury or illness – but patients of PrimeCare of Manatee, FL, can instead turn to their primary care physicians for a higher level of care. Our team is here when you need us the most – even on short notice – and can provide you with more comprehensive solutions for your most pressing health concerns.

One of the top reasons to choose PrimeCare of Manatee over an urgent care clinic? At PrimeCare, we don’t just write our patients prescriptions and send them on their way. We take the time to review their health records to figure out exactly what’s causing the injury or illness at hand. And, because we build meaningful, long-term relationships with our patients, our physicians are able to keep an eye on any patterns that could indicate a bigger issue, such as recurrent upper respiratory infections or frequent falling accidents.

Other reasons to turn to PrimeCare with your urgent needs:

  • Our physicians spend more face-to-face time with their patients than most other providers
  • Our team can often provide same-day appointments to existing patients
  • Our clinics accept most major insurance providers, including Medicare

To learn more about the urgent care services provided at your local MAXhealth clinic, contact us today. PrimeCare of Manatee is just one of the convenient, easily accessibly locations that MAXhealth operates throughout the west coast of Florida, and we’ll be happy to help you find the one nearest you.