Geriatric Care Management from PrimeCare of Manatee, a Member of the MAXhealth Florida Network

Geriatric Care Management Manatee FL

At PrimeCare of Manatee, caring physicians provide geriatric care management services to older adults in Florida. The MAXhealth network welcomes patients of all ages, but to accommodate the unique needs of patients in their 60s and beyond, we’ve created a senior-specific healthcare program that helps each participant achieve their best possible health.

Our geriatric care management specialists are more than just medical professionals – they are friendly and knowledgeable individuals who are committed to advocating for their patients’ whole-body health. Each patient is teamed with a compassionate care manager who is specially trained in assessing elderly health care needs and finding ways to ensure overall wellness and safety. This care manager will spend as much time as needed consulting with the patient to address each of his or her most pressing medical concerns.

One of the core components of our geriatric care management services is our annual wellness visit. At PrimeCare of Manatee, we like to schedule these comprehensive assessments each year to get a big-picture look at each patient’s life. In this way, we’re able to review the patient’s physical activity routines, lifestyle habits, safety challenges, medication lists, and other crucial pieces of information to pinpoint any areas in need of improvement. From there, we:

  • Provide each patient with an easy-to-understand task list to help improve their health. For instance, recommendations might include eating more produce and protein, adopting a regular exercise regimen, and taking dietary calcium supplements.
  • Plan the patient’s upcoming visits, in which we can track and monitor his or her existing conditions and recommend any necessary bloodwork/screenings.
  • Check back with the patient periodically over the upcoming weeks and months, if the patient is part of our innovative health coaching program.

To learn more about the geriatric care management services at PrimeCare of Manatee, contact us today. We are proud to be members of the MAXhealth network, serving patients from west coast FL regions.