MAXhealth Pharmacy and Dispensing Services for Residents of Sarasota, FL, and Other Nearby Cities

Pharmacy Sarasota FL

MAXhealth’s pharmacy services are designed to make it simple for patients in Sarasota, Florida and other surrounding areas to get the medications they need, right when they need them the most.

When you fill your prescriptions at MAXhealth’s pharmacy, Meds Made Easy, you’ll benefit from:

  • Fast refills – Thanks to our integrated medical records, we eliminate many of the potential issues that could otherwise delay your prescription from being filled.
  • Discounts on brand-name medications – In many cases, patients are able to receive discounts on brand-name pharmaceuticals as a result of our partnerships with manufacturers and foundations. We’re happy to do a benefits check each time our pharmacy fills a prescription.
  • Price-matching on generic medications – When filling prescriptions for select generic medications, we’re able to match the special offers provided by other local Sarasota pharmacies. This allows you to fill all your prescriptions in one place without sacrificing savings.
  • Select free antibiotics and diabetes medications – Our pharmacy offers several of the most common Rx medications at no cost, including generic versions of amoxicillin and penicillin.
  • Free delivery – You’re busy, and we understand. We can deliver your medications to you at no extra charge so you don’t have to make an extra trip to the pharmacy on your way home from work, errands, or school.
  • Compounded medications – In certain circumstances, our pharmacists can tailor medications to your specific needs, mixing together separate ingredients to achieve the exact strength and dosage form specified by your prescription. This can potentially help to lower your out of pocket cost.

For more information about the pharmacy services we offer to our patients in Sarasota, FL, and other nearby cities, contact MAXhealth today.