WELCHOL (cholesterol)             MARCH 2015

ABILIFY (major depression)     APRIL 2015

AGGRENOX (anti-platelet)      JULY 2015

GLEEVEC (anti-cancer)               JULY 2015

AVODART (prostate)                 NOVEMBER 2015

AXERT (migraines)                      NOVEMBER 2015

FROVA (migraine)                       NOVEMBER 2015

JALYN (prostate)                         NOVEMBER 2015

GLUMETZA (diabetes)              FEBRUARY 2016

ENABLEX (bladder)                     MARCH 2016

CRESTOR (cholesterol)              MAY 2016

BENICAR (blood pressure)      OCTOBER 2016

PRO AIR (asthma)                       DECEMBER 2016

ZETIA (cholesterol)                     DECEMBER 2016

VYTORIN (cholesterol)              APRIL 2017

STRATTERA (ADD)                       MAY 2017

NASONEX (allergy)                     OCTOBER 2017

VIAGRA   (ED)                                DECEMBER 2017

LEVITRA (ED)                                  OCTOBER 2018

VESICARE (bladder)                    NOVEMBER 2018

LYRICA (nerve pain)                    DECEMBER 2018

CHANTIX (smoking)                    MAY 2020

ANDROGEL (LOW T)                    AUGUST 2020

BYSTOLIC (blood pressure)      SEPTEMBER 2021

VYVANSE (ADD)                            JUNE 2023

JANUVIA (diabetes)                    APRIL 2026

DEXILANT (acid reflux)               FEBRUARY 2027

AXIRON (LOW T)                           JULY 2027

PRISTIQ (anti-depressant)        JULY 2027

JANUMET (diabetes)                  JULY 2028

ONGLYZA (diabetes)                   NOVEMBER 2028

QSYMIA (obesity)                         JUNE 2029

ULORIC (gout)                                SEPTEMBER 2031

VIMOVA (NSAID)                          MAY 2033



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