MAXhealth Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment in Sarasota, FL

Medicare Enrollment Sarasota FL

Open enrollment for Medicare Advantage (MA) runs from October 7th through December 7th, giving patients an opportunity to upgrade their medical coverage. MAXhealth of Sarasota, Florida, is proud to accept many different Medicare Advantage plans, including Aetna and Freedom Optimum. Our highly experienced, board certified physicians are standing by to provide exceptional, in-network care, right when you need it the most.

The Medicare Advantage plans available during open enrollment offer the same great coverage that you’ve come to expect from Original Medicare plans (Part A and Part B). The difference is that Advantage plans are administered by private health insurance companies that have been approved by Medicare. Enrollment in one of these plans allows you to get coverage from an in-network provider of your choice. Some plans even provide additional coverage for expanded services to help you reduce your medical costs and maintain an active lifestyle.

At MAXhealth, we deliver the highest quality care to patients from Sarasota and other surrounding areas. From preventive care to urgent care and everything in between, MAXhealth provides a comprehensive spectrum of services – all covered under Medicare Advantage.

Our physicians accept many different insurances that can be obtained during Medicare open enrollment. These include:

  • Aetna / Coventry Medicare Advantage
  • Florida Blue Preferred Medicare Advantage HMO (Also known as Alignment)
  • Freedom Optimum
  • Freedom Health
  • Optimum Choice
  • Humana Medicare PPO

You can see a full list of the insurance plans we accept here.

If you are considering enrolling in a Medicare Advantage plan, now is the time. Whether you are looking for a Medicare doctor but don’t have one, your current healthcare provider no longer accepts your insurance, or you are simply looking to find a new physician in Sarasota, FL, MAXhealth can help guide you through the Medicare enrollment process. Contact us today to learn more.

Have Questions About Medicare Advantage?

Here are some quick and easy answers to the most common questions about Open Enrollment that we hear at MAXHealth

During the period of Medicare Open Enrollment, which is from October 15th until December 7th, 2016
Generally speaking, everything that you get with Original Medicare, with hospice care being an exception. Medicare Advantage Plans also provide access to the MAXHealth team, preventative services, Medicare Part D coverage, greater ease when it comes to prescription drug payments, and many more benefits.
You’re probably already eligible for Medicare Advantage if you have Medicare Part A and Part B, you live in the service area of the plan you want to join, and you don’t have End Stage Renal Disease
No, you keep all of the same great benefits with your Original Medicare, even though you’ll now be enrolled in Medicare Advantage.
MAXHealth is always available to answer any questions that you have and to be a resource. To learn more, speak with a specialist by calling 941-315-6188