Geriatric Care for Senior Residents of Sarasota, FL

Geriatic Care Sarasota FL

At MAXhealth of Sarasota, FL, we provide comprehensive geriatric care to help patients navigate the unique challenges they face as they get older. By providing convenient, consistent care that addresses several important aspects of health and wellness, we make it possible for our senior patients to spend less time worrying about their medical care and more time enjoying the activities that they love.

Our geriatric care program has three main components:

  • Long-term care for chronic, age-related conditions such as high blood pressure and osteoporosis
  • Preventive care (e.g., vaccinations) to help safeguard against influenza and other complications
  • Nutritional counseling and individualized lifestyle recommendations

Our Sarasota geriatric care team can also help existing patients handle any unexpected injuries or illnesses that arise. And, because we already have each patient’s medical history, prescription list, and insurance information at our fingertips, each appointment is simple and to the point. Our physicians can review the patient’s symptoms, evaluate his or her prior medical information, and provide an individualized treatment plan to accelerate the recovery process.

To make things even more convenient for our patients, we offer a complete range of services on-site, including many common blood tests. This means that our patients don’t have to waste precious time – or deal with the hassle of – traveling from doctor’s office to doctor’s office seeking basic care. Furthermore, patients who find it prohibitively difficult to travel for routine appointments may benefit from our home-care services, which can be provided upon request.

For more information about the geriatric care services or senior home-care services provided by MAXhealth of Sarasota, Florida, contact us today.