MAXHealth Patients Searching for an Urgent Care Near Me can Turn to MAXhealth Oaks of Sarasota, Florida

Urgent Care Near Me Sarasota FL

A quick search for “urgent care near me” can produce dozens of results in the Sarasota, Florida, area – but one stands far above the rest: MAXhealth Oaks. If you’re a MAXhealth patient, there’s no need to worry about visiting an unfamiliar walk-in clinic just to see a doctor on short notice. We realize that life is unpredictable; that’s why our urgent care services are designed to provide patients to the high-quality care they need, right when they need it the most. At our MAXhealth Oaks location, patients can consult with Dr. Nicholas Angelastro, a trained ER physician with extensive experience in managing urgent care needs.

At MAXhealth, our unique approach to urgent care offers patients from Sarasota and the surrounding areas a number of benefits, including:

  • Less stress. Selecting an urgent care center often comes with a lot of questions. Will the doctors be friendly and knowledgeable? Will they take the time to review my medical history? Will they have any clue how to treat me? At MAXhealth, we take the stress out of the process by allowing you to see the medical team that you’ve already come to know.
  • More comprehensive care. Most urgent care centers take a “band-aid” approach to treatment, selecting the quickest option to treat a patient’s symptoms. At MAXhealth, though, we go above and beyond to help our patients get the individualized care they truly deserve, addressing their underlying symptoms rather than just the most pressing issue at hand.
  • A higher level of customer service. We see our patients as more than just numbers or diagnoses. We treat each patient like a member of our family, spending as much face-to-face time as is necessary to provide our patients with the solutions they deserve.

If you’d like to become a patient at MAXhealth (and never again have to worry about scrambling to find an urgent care center near me), contact us today. We are accepting new patients at all of our Sarasota, Florida, locations.