For Your Annual Flu Vaccine, Turn to MAXhealth Oaks in Sarasota, Florida

Flu Vaccine Sarasota FL

Patients at MAXhealth Oaks in Sarasota, Florida, can receive their annual flu vaccine whenever it’s most convenient for their schedules. At MAXhealth, we understand that it can be difficult to know when you’ll have the time – or the energy – to make it to the doctor’s office for a voluntary procedure. However, because we strongly encourage individuals of all ages to take this simple step in protecting themselves against the flu, we offer our patients the ability to receive their flu vaccines on a walk-in basis, whenever MAXhealth Oaks is open.

Getting a flu vaccine is so crucial because it doesn’t only protect the recipient – it protects everyone in the nearby community. When Sarasota residents choose to get vaccinated, they’re helping ensure that the people around them who are highly vulnerable to serious flu-related illnesses are staying safe as well

Additional benefits of vaccination include:

  • Spending less time away from work or school due to getting the flu
  • Fewer doctors’ visits (some studies show that the flu vaccine reduces the risk of doctors’ visits by up to 60 percent among the overall population)
  • Milder symptoms for vaccinated individuals who are exposed to the flu virus

To learn more about the preventive healthcare services offered at MAXhealth Oaks in Sarasota, Florida, contact us today. You can call ahead to make an appointment for your flu vaccine, or you can walk straight in to receive prompt service from a team of experienced and compassionate medical professionals.