Express Care Appointments for Patients of MAXhealth in Sarasota, FL

Express Care Sarasota FL

At MAXhealth Oaks, we take a unique approach to express care. Our physicians start by establishing a relationship with each new patient, giving them the time to discuss their medical histories, medication plans and other important concerns. From that point forward, if an unexpected injury or illness comes up out of the blue, we can provide our patients with same-day appointments at our convenient care clinic.

We take this one-of-a-kind approach, rather than following a traditional express care model, for several reasons. Most notably:

  • We want our patients to receive the prompt and compassionate care they deserve from a physician they already know and trust. This way, there’s no concern about finding a trustworthy doctor or driving to an unfamiliar clinic when dealing with an urgent health concern.
  • At MAXhealth Oaks, we value our patients’ time and take express care literally; we’ll work as quickly as possible to get patients back to feeling their best! Because we’ll already have the patient’s billing and insurance information on file, appointments are shorter and more efficient.
  • Our goal is to provide our patients with long-term health care solutions, so we emphasize preventive care and total wellness. In many cases, an underlying problem can’t be solved in just one visit. Instead, we want to develop meaningful, lifelong relationships with our patients, providing them with all of the services they require to become their healthiest selves.

For more information about our express care services or to schedule a new patient appointment, contact MAXhealth Oaks today.