Schedule Your Annual Physical Exam at MAXhealth of Ellenton, Florida

Annual Physical Exam Ellenton FL

An annual physical exam is one of the most important doctor’s visits you can schedule. Not only can they help provide you with peace of mind in regards to your overall health, but they can also help your physician catch any minor issues before they turn into major ones. And, at MAXhealth of Ellenton, Florida, we believe that an annual physical is just the starting point for helping you achieve better health.

The benefits of receiving an annual physical exam at MAXhealth of Ellenton, FL, go far beyond being able to touch base with an experienced physician at least once per year. Our wellness visits are designed to help you:

  • Monitor and manage any pre-existing conditions
  • Identify easy ways to become healthier and more active
  • Reduce your likelihood of ending up in the hospital for a preventable injury or illness
  • Develop a meaningful, long-term relationships with your primary care provider

These are just a few of the ways that we are redefining primary care. And, we emphasize ongoing communication between our physicians and their patients. You’re invited to reach out to your MAXhealth primary care provider any time you have a question or a concern, need a referral to a specialty care provider, or need to schedule an appointment for a flu other routine health condition.

To help you bridge the gaps between your annual physical exam and your other regularly scheduled visits, you can also request to work with a MAXhealth health coach. This medical professional can help you address multiple aspects of your care – from the physical to the social and everything in between – so each of your unique needs are being met on an ongoing basis.

To schedule your annual physical exam at MAXhealth of Ellenton, FL, contact us today. We offer yearly wellness visits for patients on Medicare, as well as preventive well-patient visits for patients on other major insurance plans.