Schedule an Annual Physical Exam at Bradenton Physicians Medical Center, a Member of the MAXhealth Florida Network

Physical Exam Bradenton FL

A physical exam is one of the most beneficial ways for individuals to be proactive in maintaining their health. However, there’s much more to preventive care than making note of a patient’s weight and blood pressure and discussing general lifestyle habits. At Bradenton Physicians Medical Center, a member of the MAXhealth network, we offer patients from the west coast of Florida a more comprehensive version of a physical exam: an annual wellness visit, in which we not only take a retroactive look at a patient’s past health, but also set our sights to the future to create a blueprint for improvement.

Even for the healthiest individuals, there’s often at least one area in which they can become even stronger. For some, this might mean developing a daily physical activity plan; for others, it might mean working on a more effective management plan for chronic conditions such as osteoporosis. At Bradenton Physicians Medical Center, we understand that optimal health looks different for every patient we treat; that’s why we sit down one-on-one with each patient during his or her physical exam to determine the best way to move forward. During our patient-centric annual wellness visits, we also discuss:

  • Dietary needs
  • Lifestyle factors, such as tobacco use, alcohol consumption, sleep habits, and exercise
  • Emotional health concerns and everyday stress levels
  • Preventive screening recommendations based on the individual’s unique risk factors (e.g., routine mammograms for women with a family history of breast cancer, or colonoscopies for men over the age of 50)
  • Current prescription lists
  • Known existing conditions, and whether each of these conditions is being optimally managed

At the conclusion of each physical exam, we provide each patient with a clear action plan, then follow up regarding this plan throughout the rest of the year. To schedule a physical exam at Bradenton Physicians Medical Center – or any of the other MAXhealth FL locations – contact us today.