Geriatric Medicine for a Healthy Retirement in Bradenton, FL

Geriatric Medicine Bradenton FL

Partnering with a geriatric medicine provider can help you make the most of your retirement in Bradenton, Florida. By developing a long-term, individualized health blueprint with a caring MAXhealth physician, you’ll be able to enjoy your golden years in good health, worrying less about your appointments and focusing more on what you truly love to do.

As part of MAXhealth, Bradenton Physicians Medical Center takes a patient-centric approach to geriatric medicine. Our physicians won’t simply write you a prescription and send you on your way; instead, they’ll take the time to learn about your history and background, your current health concerns, and your future goals. Then, we can recommend the most appropriate healthcare services for your needs, including:

  • Annual wellness visits, which go above and beyond the scope of traditional physicals and focus on comprehensive, preventive care
  • Chronic condition management plans, through which our Bradenton area physicians can help you find comprehensive solutions for issues such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and osteoporosis
  • Monthly health coaching, in which one of our trained medical professionals will regularly reach out to you to ensure you’re on the right track in between visits

Our geriatric medicine providers can also coordinate with your other specialty care providers to ensure any conditions you’ve been diagnosed with are being properly managed. Our model is based on exceptional communication, as we believe the key to success lies in a team of experienced providers, all working together to help you achieve your best health.

To learn more about the geriatric medicine services we offer to patients in Bradenton, FL, and beyond, contact Bradenton Physicians Medical Center, a division of MAXhealth, today.