Walk in to a MAXhealth Clinic in Sarasota, FL, to Receive Care from a Board-Certified Professional

Walk in Clinic Sarasota FL

A walk in clinic is a convenient solution when unexpected injuries or illnesses arise. In Sarasota, Florida, adults and children can turn to MAXhealth’s network of immediate care locations, where they can promptly consult with an experienced physician and receive individualized care within minutes.

At MAXhealth, our goal is to get our patients feeling better as quickly as possible. At the same time, we recognize that rushed, impersonal appointments can only provide “band-aid” solutions, and our urgent care team is committed to helping patients take care of their health on a broader scale. That’s why we’re proud to spend more face-to-face time with our patients than other physicians throughout the Sarasota area do. The board-certified internal medicine and family practice physicians at each MAXhealth walk in clinic provide:

  • Comprehensive diagnostic evaluations
  • On-site lab testing and select imaging services (including X-rays, ultrasounds, echocardiograms, CT scans, and bone density tests)
  • Personalized treatment recommendations for not only the issue at hand, but any other underlying conditions that may have contributed to its development (for instance, preventive care recommendations for osteoarthritis that may have led to a slip and fall accident)

Patients can turn to MAXhealth to receive care for a broad spectrum of conditions, from colds and fevers to minor lacerations and broken bones. We also provide non-emergent family care, chronic disease management services, wellness and preventive care counseling, and routine health coaching.

For more information about MAXhealth or to find the Sarasota, FL, walk in clinic nearest you, contact our team today.